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Our Social Network Hosting services provide you with your own social network instance. Currently we're able to provide instances running:

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Why have your own social network?

Absolute Control

Having your own social network instance gives you absolute control over your own voice on the Internet. It's your instance, subject to your rules, not anyone elses. It will exist as long as you want it to exist.

No Time-Wasting Algorithms

The big social networks use algorithms to keep you engaged endlessly by adding messages from people you do not follow to your timeline. Your own social network won't do this. When your friends are not posting, the timeline stops, and you can get on with other things in your life.

How do I interact with other people?


You are not isolated on your own instance. You can interact with people on other social network instances. You can exchange messages and follow each other much like you would on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We call this network of federated social media instances the 'Fediverse'.


Your own instance can be just for you, for anyone you invite, or you can open it up to the entire world. It's up to you!

Our offer


  • Tier 1: USD $25/month, 30GB of storage.
  • Tier 2: USD $50/month, 80GB of storage.
  • More: Please contact us us.
  • Locations:
    • Amsterdam
    • New Jersey
    • Tokyo
    • Other locations available on request.
  • Backups: weekly on-site snapshot stored for 2 weeks.


  • Domain name. Preferably a pre-registered domain name or sub-domain name that you fully control.
  • Instance location. We prefer Amsterdam, New Jersey or Tokyo. Other locations are available on request.


  1. Let us know which social network you want to order and what domain name you want to use.
  2. We provide you with an IP address. Please point your domain name at this IP address.
  3. We will provision your social network and provide you with login details.
  4. You will receive an invoice.

We typically deliver your social network instance within 24 hours after you've pointed your domain name at the IP address we provide. It may take a little bit longer during weekends or holidays.